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The Ag-Analytics® Yield Forecast API uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to forecast the yield on a given field, based on geospatial data. The Yield Model API provides service by considering various factors like soil, vegetation index, location of the field, planting varieties to forecast the yield for a given field.

Crop yield is a function of a large set of parameters, many of which are outside the control of the farmer. The forces of nature are unpredictable and can make or break a growing season, while chemical applications can be rendered ineffective by new weeds or pests. The current version of the yield model is relatively simple as compared to the number of factors that actually influence yield, however, it still provides insight and predictive power. Current yield model factors are location, crop season, seeding characteristics, planting date, application characteristics, soil characteristics, past growing history, weather data, crop trait information, and past yields.


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