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Common Land Unit (CLU) boundaries are farm/field boundaries used by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in the delivery of certain farm programs.

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It is not uncommon for more than one crop to be grown on a CLU. These CLU boundaries are derived from the last publicly available distribution from 2008. A single CLU is approximately interpreted as a “field”. A Common Land Unit (CLU) is the smallest unit of land that has a permanent, contiguous boundary, a common land cover and land management, a common owner and a common producer in agricultural land associated with USDA farm programs.

The Ag-Analytics collection of the 2008 USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) CLUs Boundaries provides a service which a user can pass an extent (bounding box) and retrieve field boundaries in geojson. To our knowledge, this is the only CLU field boundary data service in the market. It is a frequently requested dataset and useful for researchers who seek pre-made field boundaries in order to conduct representative analyses, as well as other apps that wish to serve ‘starter’ field boundaries.

CLU Boundaries in Ag-Analytics FarmScope.

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